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New changes, new beginnings and a new life.

New changes, new beginnings and a new life.

I believe you can make a fresh start, a new beginning. My mission is to encourage, motivate and inspire others with storytelling, coaching, lectures and training. Trust the process of change. Embracing the fact that all is possible and take action towards a new journey.

About Sonaly Diaz

My name is Sonaly Diaz, a Social Pedagogic, Social worker, certified NLP coach, certified addiction trainer, storyteller that puts focus on change.

It’s all about being the best version of oneself. You have been created for a purpose, for a divine destiny. Your purpose is seeking for you!

I was born and raised on the island of Curaçao. I have studied in Caracas in Venezuela and The Netherlands. Furthermore, I believe firmly in the word of God and embrace every part of it – not as a religion, but as a rock to stand upon.

From experience, I can say that maintaining faith, persistence, intelligence, and wisdom, is the key to unlocking your potential. I believe that for success, new beginnings and progress change are needed.

I am passionate to guide and coach you through your own process. It’s all about creating a before and after. Let’s enjoy together with your process of growth and change.

The Coaching Method

I have developed the coaching method over the years. This method helps you to have something to hold on to.

I have gone through major transformations in my own life, but I have also been able to guide others. I use these experiences during the coaching. There is nothing better than using a true story as a case to guide, motivate and inspire others. I am happy to guide you on your own journey so that you can experience your own transformation.







I have a strong and diligent belief that there is no limit to what can be achieved in a person's life. The principles or fundamentals that are taught in lectures, training, and workshops are pedagogically and spiritually based.

Sonaly Diaz

Sonaly Diaz as an expert for

Team building

Team building is crucial for any company or organization these days to help boost the ability of the employees to work together. In most working place, collaboration is necessary to succeed. Therefore, it is imperative for managers and owners to set a few hours or a day or two, for corporate team building.

Together with other facilitators, Sonaly Diaz will guide you to have effective team building. Contact us now.

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I have many stories to tell – true stories that will make you laugh, cry and even meditate. There is always a lesson to be learned, a word to grasp, or just an encouragement to be given as a gift with the inner message: do not give up, the sun will always rise again.

Making use of NLP methodology and spiritual principles you will be empowered in your specific situation. All you need has already been given to you, it is a matter of digging it out from you.

It is very important that you receive what you came to seek and more. My experience with giving training exceeds more than 10 years and gracefully with positive reactions and outcomes.

It is with great honor and humility that I wish to serve the community by giving lectures, training, and workshops that inspire change in people’s way of thinking.

Sonaly Diaz

Sonaly Diaz as your


The training that I give is interactive, and every participant is important. Every goal of every participant is valuable. It does not make a difference if it is a group session or an individual coaching session.

It is impossible to attend a session and leave without a word of encouragement or having been empowered to change.

You should attend training by Sonaly Diaz to align your mindset for happiness and success. Find your calling, and you’re why to release your blockages and experience your personal breakthrough. We can deepen your relationships – professionally and personally to take your life to the next level.

Sonaly Diaz as your

Case Consultant

It is necessary for you to make certain decisions for change. If you need help with it, bring your case to me. Together we will search for answers. Because you are not alone in this journey. Even if the case seems impossible, I help you to be empowered and to believe that there is a solution.

  • Are you going through difficult times?
  • Are you in need of motivation and guidance?
  • Are you ready to invest in yourself for success?
  • Do you want to know why you do what you do? 
  • Do you see that you keep going on in a vicious circle?
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